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Oct 4, 2019
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Up for the Challenge - Mr Baird's Sports Blog

One of the great things about sport, is seeing people in different environments, facing different challenges and perhaps consequently, seeing the different sides to their characters. 

Being a sports teacher, we often get the opportunity to see the different aspects of a child’s character from that which may be seen in a classroom environment. That could be in the role of host during a home fixture, as a visitor on an away fixture or indeed as a leader, competitor or learner within the fixture or workshop itself.

This idea of children showing various sides of themselves was most certainly present on Wednesday, where both Mrs Furniss and I discussed Wednesday’s sporting encounters with Lady Lane Park School from Bingley. Mrs Furniss and Mr Wield accompanied the Under 11 Netball team to Bingley and returned beaming with positivity about what they had witnessed.

There were times when the children were off the court and were thrust into the role of spectator and in some cases mentor. This was particularly useful due to the opportunity that arose for lots of the children to play in new positions and, in a few situations, alongside new teammates and friends. The children on the side-lines, using the game as a learning tool, were able to analyse and discuss the events on court and look to apply their observations when they took to the fray.

Similarly, the Under 11 Rugby team were welcoming hosts to the Lady Lane squad that visited us on Wednesday for a workshop. With the Rugby World Cup providing an inspiration to proceedings, the  players worked on several aspects of their game, mixing in seamlessly with the players from Lady Lane in order to work together and refine their skills. The children worked on their tackling, their rucking and hugely enjoyed the opportunity to work on their ball possession and decision-making skills, where they could choose to dummy a pass, sidestep the defender or look to draw a defender in before releasing a pass to a supporting player to score a try. It provided myself, and the teacher from Lady Lane, with great satisfaction to see how all the children collaborated together with the goal of improving, while also having an enjoyable and fun afternoon. Special mention should go to Jeffrey Burge and Sage Klauser for their part in leading a suitable and thorough warm up that set up the afternoon beautifully.

Sadly the poor weather conditions on the other side of the Pennines led to the cancellation of the St Pius Netball tournament today but this did not dampen spirits on the Netball courts this afternoon.

This weekend will see some of our pupils, from Year 3 to Year 6, take part in a voluntary capacity at the Harrogate Schools Open Cross country event at Harrogate High School. There has been much excitement among our runners. Cross-country running certainly does require individuals to dig deep within themselves and show strong levels of desire, determination and resilience that may not always be on show on a daily basis. With runners finishing in the top 8 of each race qualifying for the next round of the North Yorkshire Cross County event in November, I am absolutely sure that our pupils taking part will demonstrate these qualities in their quests to succeed. We will be proud of them whatever but I am sure that you would all like to join me in wishing them the best of luck.


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