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Feb 26, 2016
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Schoolboy takes trip to Stray FM

Year 3 pupil Dante Evans took his TED homework on the media one step further – by taking a trip to Harrogate’s own radio station Stray FM!

The seven-year-old enjoyed a tour of the Harrogate station’s studio on Hornbeam Park – and even got the chance to present the weather forecast live on air!

Dante, along with his dad and younger brother Luca, five, were treated as VIPs when they turned up at Stray FM as part of the youngster’s TED (Think Explore Discover) homework project on media.

Said mum Emily: “We talked about the media a lot, and what really fired Dante’s imagination was radio. So his dad organised for him to take a visit to Stray FM in Harrogate.

“Everyone was so kind to him, and he got the chance to meet the presenters, as well as Will Smith the DJ, who then let him read the weather forecast live on air!

“He had a brilliant time – he has a lovely clear voice and sounded very impressive on the radio,” she added.

DJ Will Smith spent a morning at Belmont Grosvenor last summer recording our pupils’ voices for the station’s morning show.

Year 3 teacher Anne Smith said she was impressed by Dante’s initiative.

“I am very impressed with Dante’s initiative in organising a trip to Stray FM and by his real enthusiasm for his homework – watch out Will Smith, he could be after your job!,” said Mrs Smith.

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