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Feb 11, 2019
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Blog - Nursery Manager Carol Pedersen on 'Starting school in a new town or country'

Nursery Manager Carol Pedersen, who has lived and worked around the world including China, Europe and Singapore, knows changing homes, starting new jobs, adapting to all the demands of life in a new town or country are challenges parents face when they relocate. Here she offers her advice.


However when children are starting a new nursery/school, this provides stability and routine for them, and then for their parents. Belmont Grosvenor School and Magic Tree Nursery is a community full of families with similar experiences, and the teachers/nursery practitioners are often the first adults in the new home town who care deeply for their children, and can provide a vital touch point for them and their parents.

I have seen over and over that starting at a small family school like ours is often the first and most crucial real step in the settling process. 

Inquiring into culture and languages is a vital part of our BGS learning experiences. Young children have few fixed ideas and opinions about how the broader world should be; they are quite genuinely open-minded and curious. We like to mark cultural and national celebrations here at Belmont Grosvenor School and Magic Tree Nursery - not just from the UK but from across Europe, North America, Japan, China and India. We too like other food from all over the world. Sharing festivals and traditions from home and learning about others is essential to our work here. International-mindedness is something we invest in, and serving an international community does not mean just accommodating a few children - the beauty of our community is that it is indeed global. 

The vast majority of children settle in beautifully; in fact, in my 25 years of work as an early childhood practitioner globally, I have rarely seen a child who has failed to adjust to their new surroundings. In general, young children adapt faster than their parents. Coming from a different context and adapting quickly to their new home helps them to develop resilience


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